• Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Facilities

    Fully Automated DCS Controlled Manufacturing Plant

  • Make In India with Global Footprint

    Godowns at Dubai, Johannesburg, Durban, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Jamshedpur, Kolhapur

  • 40 Years of Business Excellence

    An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company & Government Approved R&D Lab

  • One of the Largest Producers in India

    One of The Largest Producer of Phenolic Resin in India Government Approved Export House

Welcome to Forace Group

Forace Group was founded in the year 1980 to fill the gap of a reliable source of resins in North India. Since then, the organization has made exponential growth and has achieved a prominent place in the industry, exporting Resin to about 24 countries worldwide. With excellent quality, remarkable performance, and satisfactory customer service, Forace Group has grown as the largest Phenolic, Furan Resins producer in the Indian subcontinent. Forace group manufactures Refractory Coatings, Speciality Releases, Core Glues, and Foundry Consumables. A comprehensive range of consumables for the Non-Ferrous Industry, including High Pressure Die-Casting, Low Pressure Die-Casting, Gravity Die-Casting, Smelters and Extrusion.

Forace Group manufactures Specialty Resin Coated Sand for making intricate Ferrous/Non-Ferrous castings. Forace group also supply high-quality Speciality Phenolic Resin to various industries like Refractory, Abrasives, Friction, Rubber, Filter paper, Resin Felt, Resin for Floral foam, Scrub pads, Glass Fibre Reinforcement Composite panels, and Bulb sealing compound. Forace group is a partner with 17 leading global companies and provides its products and solutions to its customers.

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Why choose us?

Forace Group is the largest producer of resins, coatings and foundry consumables for both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries in India.

Forace Group has DSIR, Government approved Research & Development lab for constantly working on formulations to give advance solution to the customers.

Forace Group has got latest technologies SAP HANA, DCS, Warehouse management System (WMS) for automation and traceability and has got the advance instruments like GC, HPLC, GPC for ensuring consistent quality.

Forace Group has proved to be the most reliable supply chain partner providing customized services and continued supplies even in raw material shortages or local/global disruptions to its customers.

Forace Group has got a strong technical team which provide technical support and solution to customers from time to time.


MT per year Phenolic Resins


MT per year Coatings and Specialty Consumables for Foundry Industry


MT per year Non-Ferrous Consumables


MT per year Resin Coated Sand

DSIR, Government approved R&D lab

Full automation of plant with DCS controlled operations

SAP-Hana rolled out for integrating all functions