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Forace Polymers is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, founded in the year 1980, with the objective to fill the gap of a reliable source of resins in North India. Since then, this organisation has made exponential growth and has achieved a prominent place in the industry. Forace Polymers has grown to become one of the largest producers of Phenolic Resins in India and also exports its products to various countries around the world.

Forace Polymers is a name to reckon with in the industry as an established source of foundry binders, coatings and other foundry chemicals for all major Foundries, manufacturing castings for sophisticated applications viz automotive, power, material handling, water works, railways, earthmoving, crushing, valves, pumps, motor bodies and machine tools.

Besides the foundry industry, Forace Polymers also provides resins useful for refractory, abrasives, friction, rubber and plywood industries.

The resins of Forace Polymers are being used in the manufacture of stringent refractory applications in Steel plants like slide gate system, continuous casting, tundish-board, tap hole clays, truff mass, mud gun mass, magnesia carbon bricks.

For Abrasive Industry the products are being supplied for Bonded as well as Coated Abrasives in liquid & Powder form

In Friction Industry, the Forace Polymers Resins are being used by OEMs.

In Rubber Industry, the Resins are being used for manufacturing Rice Rolls, V Belts etc.

The Company has manufacturing plant on Haridwar-Delhi highway, Haridwar (Uttarakhand) India, with its Sales Offices-Cum-Service Centers spread all over India, positioned in most of the major cities to offer prompt and effective services. In order to provide prompt service to customers, Forace Polymers has put up godowns at Chennai, Ahemdabad, Kolkata and Johannesburg & Dubai.