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4 June 2022

Great Diecasting Technology 2022 from 2nd to 3rd June, 2022.

Aluminium Casting Industry is growing quite rapidly due to the importance of Light Weighting Programme of the automobile industry. If this growth rate is to be enhanced then the die casting industry needs to be competitive. This can be achieved only through improved productivity, quality and reduced costs through technological upgradation.

To achieve this, upgradation of Plant & Equipment, Technology Development, Enhancement of knowledge, Innovations and Training of Manpower are critical and essential factors. One needs to remain in touch with the latest developments in the casting field globally.

A few years back, a small group of enthusiastic and dedicated people from industry, defense establishments and R & D organizations came together to form the GDCTECH Forum.

Now we invite every one concerned with this industry to extend support to the Forum by way of contributions. This will help make it better and stronger.