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Complete Solution to Metal Filtration- Silicon Carbide Foam Filter
  1. Silicon foam filters helps to enhance quality of castings and reduce cost
  2. Designed for filtering ductile iron, grey iron and copper alloy castings
  3. High porosity (80% – 90%), high thermal shock resistance and large specific surface, compared with other traditional filters
  4. Reduce defect rate of castings
  5. Improve mechanical properties of castings
  6. Simplify pouring systems and increase ratio of mould
SiC Filters Reduce
  1. Gas and Inclusions
  2. Turbulence Level
  3. Surface Defects
  4. The rejection rate of castings
SiC Filter improves
  1. Mechanical properties of castings
  2. Surface finish of castings
  3. Filling capacity of melt
  4. Casting yield

Complete Solution to Metal Filtration- Zirconia Foam Filter

Drache, Germany

Forace Group is an exclusive partner for India market with Drache, Germany for their Zirconia Foam Filter.

Drache has been offering innovative and sustainable products and systems in foundry technology. They pay attention to the highest quality standards and innovative technologies.

Flow Modification
  1. Aid in the homogenous filling of the mould. This reduce the risk and erosions and minimises the reoxidations of metals
Removal of Impurities
  1. Removes both small and big inclusions
  2. The large inclusion is held back on the surface of the filter and the smaller ones get trapped in its complex structure
Solution for inclusion problem
  1. Cerazirk ZrO2 Filter
  2. Cerazirk LD Filter