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Vibroprocess, with over 30 years history in Vibrating Equipment design and manufacturing, has become one of the world leader in the foundry field.

The range of vibrating equipment’s covers all the foundry requirements, from the mobile furnace charging feeders to continuous and table shakeouts, including long way resonance conveyors and casting coolers. All equipment’s can be tailor made to match customer needs.

VIBROPROCESS branding is recognized as synonymous of quality, reliability and profitability in the chemical, food, lime, cement, foundry and steel industries. The continuous research and development make VIBROPROCESS the market leader in the field of vibration.

VIBROPROCESS Vibratory equipment are utilized for the simplest up to the most challenging continuous processes where the handled products have 1000°C temperature.

  1. Extracting
  2. Feeding
  3. Conveying
  4. Dewatering
  5. Drying and cooling

…and many others challenges inside the process plant are carried out by Vibroprocess vibratory equipment.

Their equipment is used in various areas of the foundry: from feeding the furnace, to cooling and transporting the castings, passing through green sand or sand-resin shakeout. They also offer applications for the processing lines, that collects and cools the sand before delivering it back to the sand plant.

Forace Group is an exclusive partner for India market with Vibroprocess, Italy for their Vibrating Machines.

Vibroprocess handle
  1. Cast Iron
  2. Steel
  3. Copper
  4. Brass
  5. Aluminum
  6. Ferro Alloys
  7. Foundry Sand
  8. Castings
  9. Scraps
Equipments they provide
  1. Melting Charging Feeders
  2. Continuous Shake out
  3. Casting Coolers
  4. Shake Out Tables
  5. Shake Out Drums
  6. Sand Feeders
  7. Sand Coolers
  8. Casting/ Sand Resonance Conveyors
  9. Vibrating Screens