Degassing & Grain Refining Tablets

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A range of degassing and degassing cum grain refining agent for the removal of hydrogen from the melt of Aluminum and Aluminum alloys.

Forace has multiple grades with differing properties for various applications:

  1. Fordegasser-190
    • Degassing and Grain refining tablets
  2. Fordegasser-200
    • Degassing Scavening AL. Chloride
  3. Fordegasser-CF
    • Chlorine free Degassing Tablet
  4. Fordegasser-N2
    • Nitrogen free Degassing Tablet
  5. Forgasfree-5/10/20
    • Degassing Tablets for Copper and Brass
  6. Forgasfree-10/20
    • Degassing Tablets for Copper and Brass
  7. Forgrainrefiner-2
    • Magnesium base alloys only. Sodium free grain refining
  8. Formagremoval GR/tablet
    • Magnesium Removal