Flux Injector Machine

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Forace Innovative Flux Injection machine for Aluminium Industries

Technical Data

  1. Granular / Powder flux feeding rate : 0.5 kg/min, 1kg/min, 1.5 kg/min, 2.0kg/min to 10 kgs / min.
  2. Flux tank capacity : 25 to 50 kgs.
  3. Flux Injection time setting through HMI system. Make : Delta
  4. PLC base logic control. Make : Delta
  5. Inert gas requirements : Preferred Nitrogen / Argon gas
  6. Input Gas supply pressure : 5 to 6 Bar
  7. Flux injection pressure : 4 to 5 Bar
  8. Gas flow rate during injection : 150 to 200 LPM
  9. Mobile type Flux injector mounted on rugged Cast Iron four-wheel trolley for easy movement
  10. Audio : Visual system through Alarm & LED lights


  1. Its gives consistent improved melt quality with minimum inclusion level
  2. Flux will be purged at accurate & controlled amount
  3. Gives DRY DROSS with minimum metal content
  4. Clean the oxide formation on the furnace walls
  5. Inject the flux at the bottom of the liquid metal which give highest efficiency for the flux for reaction
  6. Less fumes level as compare with fluxing on the metal surface
  7. Very easy to operate from Furnace to furnace