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Fluxes are special blends of typically solid, inorganic compounds designed for degassing, demagging, cleaning, grain refining, and/or chemistry modification of molten aluminium alloys and other purposes. Fluxes are usually added during the melting, holding or degassing of aluminium to furnaces, crucibles, ladles, or other aluminium vessels. Flux raw-material quality, addition method and product form can all affect efficiency. A flux recipe varies depending on its purpose and other process variables, such as alloy and temperature.

Powder Flux

Powder fluxes are affordable blends of salts designed to improve molten aluminium alloy cleanliness, reduce dross metal content, sustain furnace cleanliness and generate high-quality casts.

Forace has multiple grades of Powder with differing properties for various applications:

  1. Forflux- APC
    • Antipiping compound
  2. Forcoveral -11
    • Covering and drossing powder flux
  3. Forcoveral -5
    • Superior Covering & Drossing Powder Flux
  4. Forcoveral-29
    • Sodium free covering & modifying flux
  5. Forcoveral-36
    • High temperature modifying flux
  6. Forcoveral-88
    • Reclaiming of chips
  7. Forbaral-4
    • Coverflux for copper & bronze
  8. Forbaral-4 REP
    • Coverflux for copper base alloys
  9. Forbrass-55
    • Copper Based Alloy Removing Alumina
  10. Forbrass-77
    • Melting Turning/Burning for Melting of Brass Scraps

Granulated Flux

Forace Granulated Flux is an environmentally friendly range of fluxes used for molten metal treatment of aluminium and aluminium alloys. Powder fluxes possess certain disadvantages such as dusting during application, toxic fume emissions. This causes health hazard to the workers and environmental problems. The powder fluxes also pose a problem of inconsistent efficiency due to the morphology of the powder. To overcome these disadvantages, dust free granulated fluxes have been developed.

Forace has multiple grades of Powder with differing properties for various applications:

  1. Forace GR-510
    • Low Temp Granulated Flux
  2. Forace GR-520
    • Exothermic granulated drossing and cleaning flux
  3. Forace GR-2516
    • Covering drossing and cleaning flux
  4. Formagremover GR
    • Magnesium removal flux
  5. Forace GR-2220
    • Low Temp. Cleaning
  6. Forace GR-2410
    • Cleaning
  7. Forace GR-2510
    • Mild Exothermic Drossing
  8. Forace GR-2712
    • High Temp. Modifying
  9. Forace GR-2715
    • Low Temp. Modifying
  10. Forace GR-2815
    • Grainrefining
  11. Forace GR-6511
    • Sodium Free Drossing
  12. Forace GR-6512
    • Sodium, Calcium free Cleaning & Drossing
  13. Forace GR-60:40
    • Multi Purpose Flux
  14. Forace GR-40:60
    • Multi Purpose Flux
  15. Forace GR-88
    • Furnace Cleaning Flux
  16. Forace GR-111