High Performance Lubricants from JODOVIT, Italy

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Jodovit’s activities are oriented to the continuous development of products and services to increase the quality and efficiency of productive processes for aluminum foundry.

Jodovit has own research and development laboratories and produces directly in Italy all range of its materials.

Jodovit has started the ECO-PROJECT programme in order to reduce dangerous substances in products to protect health.

The whole range of JODOVIT materials for non-ferrous foundry is totally free from:

  1. nonylphenol formaldehyde
  2. fluorine


  1. LUBRAX COLATE (release agent)
  2. LUBRAX OIL (start-up oil)
  3. LUBRAX Graph (anti-solder paste)
  4. LUBRAX OIL (plugger oil lubricants)
  5. LUBRAX POW GRAPH (plugger wax lubricants)
  6. LUBRAX CUPRUM (high temperature grease)
  7. LUBRAX Cleaner (cleaner for all machines parts)
  8. LUBRAX Paste TW (protection coatings for cup)
  9. LUBRAX TW 201 SW (protection coatings for cup)