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Quality assurance is what sets apart the market leaders. Forace Group is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.

The company understands that only well-defined quality assurance, and control of processes can ensure the consistent quality which customers expect. The company’s fully-equipped laboratory ensures strict quality control at all stages of production from stringent assessment of raw material to testing of finished goods.

Quality Management is Augmented by Internal Audits

Forace Group believes that all forms of quality management can “not only create value for an organisation and its stakeholders, but also manage its exposure to risk, and make the difference between success and failure”. The quality assurance team of Forace Group conducts internal audit to assess the effectiveness of the quality management system and organization’s overall performance. Forace’s internal audits demonstrate compliance with our ‘planned arrangements’, e.g., the quality management system (QMS), and how its processes are implemented and maintained.

Meeting Customer Expectations Lies at the Root of Quality Assurance

Compliance with the requirements of customer expectations, internal, international, and industry standards and regulations is always given a priority at Forace Group. The Group explores opportunities to continuously improve processes to meet statutory and regulatory requirements, and raise its own standards. The Forace Testing Laboratory is equipped with all testing facilities and qualified personnel to ensure inspection at incoming, in-process, and outgoing stages. Our lab is totally equipped with most modern instruments for testing, and ensuring accuracy in the analysis. GC, GCMS, FLAME PHOTOMETER, JALDEL etc. Forace manpower is highly qualified and experienced for working on these specialized instruments.

SAP QM Module

QMS is an integral part of any business, but most importantly in manufacturing industries where quality is a critical factor. The SAP QM Module deals with all traditional functions of quality in an organization. The SAP quality management is fully integrated with the components which include materials management (MM), plant maintenance (PM), and production planning (PP). The SAP QM module is essential for the warehouse as it facilitates inspection of incoming material arriving at the facility for the manufacturing process.

Importance of maintaining quality information at every stage: The quality management team also checks the quality of the finished products before they are dispatched to the warehouse.

The main components of SAP QM are planning, notification, and inspection.

At Forace Group, SAP quality control helps us to maintain quality information of raw materials, work in progress products (WIP), and finished goods.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Ensuring that each and every customer is happy: Forace Group recognizes the continuous pressure to maximize throughput, minimize cost, optimize labour productivity, and meet shipping deadlines that all warehouse managers are under. Doing it in a way that each and every customer is happy is a difficult job. To profitably compete, and retain a competitive edge in today’s world, you must have a first-class warehouse management system.

Functionality and flexibility united: The Forace Group warehouse management system uses SAP HANA to deliver core warehouse functionality while remaining flexible. From simple inventory transaction processes to customer-centric inventory allocation strategies. The warehouse is an important part of your customers’ buying experience. We use software to track whether products ordered are in stock. Ensuring that customers get what they purchased is crucial to provide an excellent customer experience. WMS improves picking accuracy to ensure orders are processed, and fulfilled at the correct time.

Savvy Use of Distributed Control System (DCS) Technology

For industrial organizations, the rewards of investing in automation can be substantial, such as increases in productivity and improved safety with reduced costs. There are common industry-wide issues associated with implementing new technology, which can have varying impact on the success of industrial operations. The evolution and commoditization of distributed control system (DCS) technology has produced a modern, graphical, highly interactive integration platform, which provides process control functionality as well as real-time data connectivity between the plant floor and the enterprise.

Consistent quality is ensured: DCS expedites commissioning and start-up, increases production capacity, decreases process and quality variability, minimizes downtime, and improves long-term stability and consistency. Due to traceability of the warehouse management system, SAP S4 HANA, and DCS control system help us to ensure consistent quality, and avoid human interventions.

We meet the most stringent quality requirements: Our products are used in a large variety of sophisticated applications like automotive, power generation and supply, railways, refractory, defence etc., that require strict quality requirements with minimal deviation.