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Forace have been investing constantly in the high technology latest instruments we have also invested in the manpower, long experience and knowledge of handling these instruments like Gas Chromatography (GC), Gas Chromatography-Mass Sprctrometry (GC-MS), Flame photometer, Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC), High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) etc.


Gas Chromatography full name to mention with (GC), GC-MS


Continuous and vigorous research and development has been at the core of our success story. Since it is all done in-house, it has resulted in a customer oriented product range, which has in turn contributed to our steady growth. Our research team is dedicated to continuously keeping abreast of changes taking place in technologies, developing new products, and upgrading formulations. The Government of India has recognised our in-house R&D capability.

Offering You the Best Possible Solutions Is Our Forte

Get customized solutions for challenging applications based on your requirements. We realize that every industry has unique requirements varying on account of material inputs, process, location, and atmospheric parameters. We develop products to meet the specifications you outline. And, we don’t end our commitment to your needs with the sale. We take feedback on the performance of every product we develop through our field representatives. Information on any issues that might crop up during usage is shared with our technical experts to tweak various inputs, and make necessary modifications.

Environment sustainability

Environment friendly technologies our r&d team are working to ddevelop environement friendly tech so as to reduce the carbon footprints in the various application wherever our products are used.

Instruments for Research and Development

Our seamlessly integrated Gas Chromatography (GC), Gas Chromatography-Mass Sprctrometry (GC-MS) delivers high throughput with high sensitivity to meet the most regulated environmental requirements for identification and quantitation of volatile and semi-volatile compounds. It has proven to be particularly useful to differentiate between molecular formulas having the same nominal masses, while having the additional advantage of providing accurate results for almost any compound.