Safety and Health

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Concern for workplace safety and the environment is the hallmark of a sustainable business. A strong safety culture is instilled at every level of the Forace Group. It is a fundamental tenet of the Forace group that safety must rank alongside issues of quality, productivity, and profitability in the decision-making process. To that end, adequate standards are followed in handling solvents and different hazardous chemicals.

A Safe Workplace Is a Dependable Business

Safety at the workplace demonstrates care for the workforce, and fosters positive attitudes in the employees and other stakeholders. In short, a safe business is a reliable business, and speaks of a commitment to excellence within the organisation to make it widely respected. Our technology development team continuously upgrades product formulations with a view to minimise free monomers, BTX solvents, so as to prevent, deterioration of the environment at the workplace. We are constantly working with our products to make them environmentally friendly.

Rain Water Harvesting

Water is a natural resource, which is becoming scarce due to the adverse impact of climate change. One major means of countering this scarcity is through rain water harvesting. The Forace Group has developed its own rain water harvesting system. With help of the innovative approach of our team members, we are collecting and storing rainwater for potable applications. We have leveraged sophisticated manufacturing technologies, and utilized the raw materials best suited to develop surface runoff harvesting and roof top rainwater harvesting systems.

We Care for Our Customers’ Health

We care for your health, and the health of the end user. The products are tested in our quality assurance labs to check for probable emissions under certain simulated conditions. Our research team is working constantly for developing formulation which has very less impact in environment. And for users. our products are free of harmful products which may affect the health and environment at the application workplace.

Ensuring Perfect Harmony with the Environment to Maintain the Delicate Ecological Balance

With strong principles of social commitment embedded within the company, various measures have been taken to ensure perfect harmony with the environment to maintain the delicate ecological balance around the plant. As a part of its responsibility towards the environment and protecting mother earth, the Forace Group has planted and maintained 10,000 green trees surrounding the plant premises to ensure sufficient green cover.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Company

We are a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) company. This means we recover and reuse chemicals from our effluents, and purify the water to recycle it for reuse. Proper precautions are taken to ensure that there is no adverse impact on natural resources such as water and land.

Safety at our Workplace

We ensure safety incidents are avoided. We firmly believe that there should be zero impact on the environment due to our working. We also understand that workers need proper work techniques, adequate ventilation, and personal protective equipment (PPE)

Our Priority Health and Safety

The protection of the health and safety of its people at the workplace is a top priority of the Forace Group. We ensure that adequate welfare facilities are provided for people at work. Forace aims to ensure that the workplace meets the health, safety, and welfare requirements of all members of its workforce, including people with disabilities.