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Forace Group has a fully automatic manufacturing facility which is controlled by a state-of-the-art distributed control system (DCS) to manufacture export quality products continuously.

DCS Enhances Reliability

Since Forace Group manufactures a wide range of products, DCS controls all the processes in the plant. DCS reduces design integration risk, and is used to enhance the reliability of remote monitoring and supervision as it provides information to multiple displays for the user interface. DCS provides systemic efficiency, more sophisticated human-machine interface (HMI), a scalable platform, and system security.

Special Resin Coated Sand for the Production of Intricate Castings

Forace Group makes special resin coated sand for the production of intricate castings. The fully automatic resin coated sand plant uses the latest technology which has been specially designed for high technology resin coated sand.


Low level of moisture in the powder resin and consistent particle size is assured by the latest technology powder resin facility at Forace. The machine temperature is maintained to ensure that the resin does not advance during the milling operation.

The Backbone of the Company

The technically competent workforce that operates the Forace plant round-the-clock to facilitate smooth execution of all assignments is the biggest strength of the company.

Significant presence in Africa: The Forace Group has a significant presence in the African continent. The consumables and coating plant in South Africa, which supplies to foundries in South Africa and the African continent, has a capacity of 12,000 MT per annum.

Efficient inventory management: SAP S/4 Hanna & WMS are used to efficiently manage inventory in the Forace warehouses, and to support the processing of movement of goods. This allows the company to control the inbound and outbound processes and movement of goods to and from their warehouses.

Pastillation Process for Solid Shell Resin

Forace Group uses a pastillation machine for the continuous conversion of molten resin into uniform, round and dust free pastilles ideal for bagging, transporting, and bulk material handling systems. We can produce pastilles of different shapes and sizes to suit customer specifications.

Providing solution to the Non-Ferrous Industry

Forace makes a comprehensive range of products for the non-ferrous industry like non-ferrous foundries which use gravity die casting (GDC), low pressure die casting (LPDC), and high pressure die casting (HPDC), which is ideal for the production of a diverse range of aluminium and magnesium automotive castings.