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High Technology Foundry Equipments from MCM Foundry, Italy

MCM Foundry are leaders in Foundry Equipment solutions after IMF SRL and are Manufacturer of machines and complete No Bake plants for foundries.

MCM are also providing spare parts for existing IMF machines and plants.

MCM has installed their several machines successfully in India.

Designing and manufacturing of machines and complete plants for no bake foundries.

Engineering and feasibility studies for new foundries.

Technical assistance and maintenance services for existing foundries.

Forace Group is an exclusive partner for India market with MCM Foundry, Italy for their Foundry Equipment Solutions.

MCM Foundry Provides
  1. Designing and manufacturing of machines and plants for No-Bake foundry
  2. Designing and developments of new equipment for foundry 4.0
  3. Refurbishing of second hand machines and plants
  4. Technical service and commissioning of existing plants
  5. Maintenance service for machines and plants for foundries
  6. Spare parts for existing machines and plants
  7. Technology and process consulting for foundries
  8. Engineering of new projects
Product Range
  1. Single arm mixers (Capacity from 1 to 20 MT/h)
  2. Double Arm Articulated Mixers (Capacity from 10 to 100 MT/h)
  3. Vibrating tables for sand compaction
  4. Moulding lines
  5. Manipulators for flask and/or mould handling
  6. Shake out grids
  7. Sand reclamation systems
  8. Sand pneumatic transport systems
  9. Special machines

MCM Foundry, Italy

MCM- Single arm mixer (10 MT/h)

Shake Out

MCM- Double arm mixer (30 MT/h)

Manipulators for flasks and flaskless moulds

Sand mechanical reclamation and pneumatic transports

Articulated Mixers – MXD Series