High Performance Long Life Die Coats for LPDC and GDC from John Winter, U.K.

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Forace Group is an exclusive partner for India market with John Winter & Co., U.K. for their Long Life Die coats.

John Winter has been a leading supplier to the foundry industry for 50 years, serving customers in over 30 countries worldwide. Through a process of continuous improvement, they have a range of quality products to suit all foundry applications. Being customer focused, they offer extensive technical support.

John Winter Long Life Dytek range of insulated coatings are specifically designed to
  1. Dytek range of insulated coatings are for use in low pressure and gravity die casting applications.
  2. Helps to increase productivity and reduce the downtime
  3. Give a “Longer Life” (LL) protection of the die – more shots per application
    • Made from highly insulating refractory materials, bonded together with a higher heat resisting binder gives longer protection to the die from wear and erosion caused by repeated exposure to hot molten metal.
  4. Provide insulation enabling control of cooling and solidification – reduced porosity
    • A range of coatings that can be used to insulate specific parts of the die to promote directional solidification.
  5. Lubricate enabling easier release of the casting from the die – less damage to die.
    • In difficult cases Dytek G is specifically designed solid lubricant based costing to be applied on top of an insulating coating to ease release of the casting from the dye.
  6. Provide a smooth surface – producing a high quality surface finish
  7. Textured to enable enhanced metal flow reducing cold shuts and entrapped gas.
    • Using an engineered blend of refractory and or insulating components of specific particle size creates the surface texture required for the specific customer application.
John Winter has multiple grades for various applications
1SHigh insulating smooth coating.
2S LLHigh insulating smooth coating with enhanced Long Life.
3MTextured Insulated coating designed to promote metal flow and reduce entrapped air. Ideal for the production of thin and flat surfaced castings.
4GGraphitic based coating used to enable release of the casting from the die. Designed to be applied on top of insulated coating.
5TTitanium Oxide coating produces a very smooth surfaces. Predominantly used in the production of alloy wheels on top die faces which produce the visible part of the wheel.
6VHighly insulating textured coating for the production of thin sectioned castings.
7SISmooth Low-cost general-purpose coating.
8DTwo part smooth insulating coating exhibiting excellent durability ideal for high volume general purpose castings.
9ZrZircon / Red Iron oxide primer used to protect the dies and help with the adhesion of insulted top coating. The red colour enables visual confirmation when the top coating has worn.
10HardnerUsed to increase bonding strength in cases of high dilution rates.
Boron Nitride Coating – BNH2O

JW BN H2O is a water-based Boron Nitride Coating.

Main applications are within aluminium cast houses and foundries as well as magnesium casting.

JW BN H2O can be applied to refractory parts, ceramic parts as well as metal surfaces.

The coating may be applied to components like e.g.: transition plates, thimbles, filterboxes, launder segments, header plates, distribution troughs, ladles, etc.