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A market leader in the manufacture of specialty refractory products in India since 1965 with technical know-how from Carborundum USA. The division specializes in the manufacture of both fire and monolithics range of refractories catering to the critical and demanding high temperature applications for various industrial applications.

Super Refractories is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality, most highly effective products, systems and services. The products manufactured conform to the ISO 9001 Quality standards and procedures, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Forace Group is an exclusive partner for India market with Carborundum Universal Limited, Mumbai for their complete range of Advance Refractory products including Neutral Ramming Mass.

Advance Refractory Solutions for Reducing Defects in Foundry

Refractories for Induction Furnace
  1. Patch repair mass for side wall: Same chemistry for better adherence
  2. DVM for sidewall working lining and top cap: Alumina based High CCS and TSR criteria
  3. Plastic masses for spout
  4. Precast shapes any requirement
  5. Coil coating mass Alumina based fine coating mass
Neutral Ramming Mass for Induction furnace
Castables for Holding furnace
Maximum Service Temperature (oC)1800
Bulk Density (g/cc) dried at 110°C/24 hr2.80 Min.
Cold Crushing Strength (kg/cm2)__
@ 110°C600
@ 1000°C450
Chemical Analysis (%)__
Al2O3 (min.)88
Fe2O3 (max.)0.10
Refractories for Press Pour
  1. DVM for Sidewall working lining & Top cap- Alumina, Zircon based. High CCS and TSR criteria.
  2. LC/ULCC for upper case sidewall, spout, receiver, throat and floor.
  3. Conventional castable 94% Al2O3 for working lining.
  4. Plastic masses, Castables for spout.
  5. Precast shapes for any requirement.
Castables for Ladles
CA 392SCA 85M
Maximum Service Temperature (oC)17001650
Bulk Density (g/cc) dried at 110°C/24 hr2.702.6
Cold Crushing Strength (kg/cm2)____
@ 110°C550500
@ 1550°C550550
Chemical Analysis (%)____
Al2O3 (min.)8784
Fe2O3 (max.)1.51.8
Pour boxes, Launders, Tundish and Consumables
Castables for Tundish and Autopour
Precast Pre-Fired Refractories
  1. Special Alloy Pouring Cups – CUMILOX 45V
  2. Small Tundish for Special Alloy – CUMILOX 45V
  3. Small Ladles/ Crucible – CAST CUMILITE HF
  4. Tundishes – CUMI CAST EF 951M
  5. Precast Pad – CUMI HICAST SUPER
  6. Collar and Top Block – CUMILOX 45V
  7. Top block – CUMI HICAST SUPER
  8. Bottom block – CUMI HICAST SUPER