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Forace Degassing Machine reduce dissolve Hydrogen & Inclusions from the liquid Metal prior to making Castings.

Important factors that affect on reductions of Hydrogen & Inclusions

  1. Degassing time
  2. Temperature of molten Aluminum
  3. Alloy composition
  4. Rotor Designs
  5. Flow Rate and Bubble Size of Argon/Nitrogen

Major features of Forace Degassing machines

  1. Customized Degassing Solutions as per specification of customer.
  2. Efficient Melt treatment to improve metal quality.
  3. Simple & Single stage operation.
  4. Optimize & effective application of inert gas & Fluxes.
  5. Audio / Visual control by PLC logic & HMI.
  6. Easy Fault diagnosis.

Different designs of Forace Make Degassing units

  1. Fixed type Degassing unit (FDU)
  2. Mobile type Degassing unit (MDU)
  3. Hoistable type Degassing unit (HDU)
  4. Gantry type Degassing unit (GDU)

Forace Degassing Units Benefits

  1. Reduction in treatment costs
  2. Reduces inert gas & Flux consumption as compare with manual operations
  3. Dry dross formation & reduces aluminum losses in the dross
  4. Improves metal cleanliness
  5. Less fumes as compare with other Techniques
  6. Obtain consistent, high quality products
  7. Homogeneous molten aluminum and even temperature
  8. Reduce the work force & perform safe production
  9. Reduces labour costs