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Solution for Veining, Gas and Penetration

Forace Group is an exclusive partner for India market with Chesapeake Specialty Products, USA for their Specialty sand additives.

Chesapeake Specialty Products, Inc. is a U.S. based company, with worldwide manufacturing facilities, producing environmentally friendly metallic abrasive, foundry sand additives, and iron products that reduce waste, minimize emissions and reduce cost to consumers.

SphereOX, the Best Sand Additive for No-Bake Moulds and Cores, Resin Coated Shell Sand and Cold Box

SphereOX keeps resin use to a minimum and maintain tensile strengths while significantly reducing the amount of resin. (Cost savings from 17 – 34% can be expected).

SphereOX the cost effective additive eliminates Veins, Penetration, Pinholes, Burn-in and Lustrous Carbon defects.

SphereOX Eliminates need for Specialty Sands like Chromite and Zircon.

SphereOX improves quality and lowers scrap.

SphereOX produces a Grain On Ignition to counteract gases occurring with burnt resin (loss on ignition).

Conventional PUCB system’s typical mass change between 4% and 12% due to loss on ignition.

SphereOX limits expansion and contraction (thermal distortion) over conventional PUCB system’s by 56-73%.

Examples – Burn In